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Hi ya! here are some unique pics... Maybe here is my own style of watching the world until I have my own TV/Radio says?
We are the trail Blazers and our best is still to come because our eyes is focused on God!!!
An idea from God is stronger than an army!!!

Lagos Book and Art fair 2003

from left to right: 1. Ayo Tunde Ademokun, a poet, 2. Adenike Fagade, an artist, 3. J.P Clark, a poet/WRITER, 4. JenniferE, 5. The sec. general of ANA 6. Ofiemun Odia, the author of "The Poet Lied".
Nigeria...what's up?

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful loyal and honest
to serve Nigeria with all my strength
to defend her unity
and uphold her honour and glory
so help me God
Wherever,whenever,whatever,however,I know God is working things out in My country...Nigeria will flourish again!!!
Nigeria...the giant of Africa...arise and shine!!!

The World...

For God so love the world, that He sent His only begotten Son to die for us, Now whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life!!!
Choice not chance determine our place of destiny, if you want to live forever after you die then don't wait to die before you make that decision!!!
Reading Session, March 2005

March 26, VoicesNet International poetry ambassadors Program-reading Session at Hope Villa, Akute, Lagos Nigeria.A Heartfelt Appreciation goes to God for making it a huge success, to Mr and Mrs Atunde for hosting us and to the kids for being a part of it! God Bless you all.
E-mail me to find out the next reading session close to you.

Temidayo Israel Abdulai

Here is our own Nigerian! Dayo is a motivational speaker, the president and founder of GAAVOHCR! He is one young Nigerian who has acheieved a lot...Seeing is believing, I met Dayo and his world changing group at their office in Lagos and wow! was i impressed!!! Okay maybe you should visit this link to have an idea of what I mean... don't say I did not warn you... it will change your level of thinking forever!!! Carryon Dayo...the sky is your starting point...God is with ya!!!

Writing for change! Dis generation columnist!
Be still and know that God is in control!!!

Prayer... the master key!!!

Don't stop praying... God still answers... When you set out to do something don't push, if God is in it, He will work things out...Stay connected to God 24/7!!!

The best is yet to come!!!

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