Don’t try to tie me down
Bind me with a relation that is not meant to be
For I am like a bird that loves to be free
A hawk that wants to spread wings
And not be held back with earthly things

I am like a fish that lives in fresh water
Please don’t hook me with bait
I would prefer to swim at my own will
Please do not say for me you will forever wait!

I am like the wind that runs across the fields
Touching lives with my presence
Spreading the fragrance of love
Please do not try to put a barrier
Between freedom and me
Or else I become a storm
Devastating for both you and me!




© Arti Honrao


What is a family?


Is it my support to lean on when my legs are trembling?
A hand when I want to climb up in life?
A pillow, which soak my silent tears
And give me a hug when I need one?
Lips that say encouraging words,

When I am too afraid to go on?
Ears that listen to what I have to say?
A heart that belongs to me -

And understands me beyond words?

Or is it just my responsibilty...
To be a support when someone's legs are trembling?
To be a hand to help someone, climb up in life?
To be a pillow, for someone's silent tears?
To be lips to say encouraging words to others

When they are too afraid to go on?
To be ears to listen to what others have to say?
To be a heart that belongs to them -

And understands them beyond words?


I have always been there for my family...
Supporting them, helping them,
Comforting them, encouraging them,
Listening to them  and understanding them.

But I always found myself alone...
Walking with trembling legs, stumbling down,
Weeping in the dark, too afraid to go on,
Carrying painful secrets in my heart,
With no heart that belongs to me and understands me.

I am still waiting for the love to flow...
Waiting to be supported,
To be helped, To be comforted,
To be encouraged, To be listened to,
To be understood before it's too late.

What Is A Family (2)


What is a family?

Is it only you or me?

Is it your duty or my responsibility?


Family is beyond what we can see

Family is you AND me

When we all stop thinking of the "me"

Then we would stand together as family


The lips that say I care

The heart that says I am here to share

The eyes that show love that lasts forever

The hands that would leave you never

This is what is being part of the family

Forgetting the differences, if any


A pillow to soak the silent tears

Strength to enable to face the worst fears

Shoulders to lean on when tired

A hope that encourages in getting what heart desired

This is not your duty or my responsibility

Family means to share everything evenly


© Arti Honrao

You can spend your days on earth
With hope and happiness
Or you can give up on life altogether
And be angry and bitter.

You can greet each morning
With a genuine smile
Or you can wake up each day
With a deep sigh of sorrow

You can live your life
Where you can cherish your time
Or you can stutter around
Bickering, groaning and crying.

You can plan your life
Strive for goals
And live it day by day
Or you can fret about tomorrow
As you throw your life away.

You can make a difference in your years
If you give of your time and efforts freely
Or you can go through life
Saying that you are “too busy”
And thus choose to remain
Selfish and greedy

You can try new things in life
Take on some risks and in the end
You will engage your mind.
Or you can become lazy,
Unhappy and narrow-minded
And in the process fall behind.

Shannon Dimock
December 31st 2004

I Believe in You
I believe in your rising and falling
I believe in your smile and tears
I believe in your Joy and Peace
I believe in your seed and name
I believe in your sunrise and sunset
I believe in your clouds and raindrops
I believe in your moon and galaxy of stars
I believe in your strength and struggles
I believe in your desires and angels
I believe in your soil
I believe in your future
I believe in your hope
I believe in your generation
'cos I believe so much in you!

Adeola Adetunji (c) 2005

Thanks for all you have done
for me and my family.
Thanks for each and every
new day we get to live.
Thanks for providing us with
good food and a warm shelter.

Thanks for watching over me
and keeping us all safe.
Thanks for giving me a set of
loving and caring people who
I call my family, friends and relatives.

Thanks for the sun, the moon and the stars
and for all of nature’s natural beauty.
Thanks for filling up my heart with love.
I am very grateful for all that you have done
and will continue to do for us all here on earth.

Thanks for instilling pure morals and values in me
while helping me to become a better person
and giving me compassion so I can help
and understand other people.

Thanks for giving me a place to call home
and thanks for giving us peace, freedom and security
as well as a chance to go to school
and get a solid education.

Thanks for helping us to read and write
and helping us to know wrong from right.
Thanks for giving us good health and so
much more as we not among the
unfortunate people who have cancer.

Thanks for giving us strong limbs and bones
so that we can walk and move about.
Thanks for giving us all of our senses
so that we can fully enjoy life
and not let it pass us by.

Thanks for loving us all
and treating us equally.

Thanks for your support and forgiveness
as we are all human beings and
growing up is a lifelong process.

Thanks for every single thing you do
it doesn’t go unnoticed in my mind or eyes.
And wait there is something else
I’ve got to say too:

Thanks for letting me be me
and for loving me unconditionally.
It makes all the difference in my life
and it means the world to me.
Thanks now and for always.
Thanks so much for creating me
and just know, Heavenly father
that I have and will always love you!

~ Shannon Dimock ~
October 11th, 2004 (Thanksgiving Day)

Copyright 2005 Authors own their poems!!!