POETIC WHISPERS with Jennifere (original)

My pen, like the tongue of an orator...

I am: 

One foot in front of the other,
is the set order.

I learned the pace
in this rat race
is to chase out the fleas,
on my knees.

Do not set me free,
Secure me like a deep-rooted tree,
planted beside a stream, youthful 
and fruitful.

My companion,
has no hateful opinion,
hence until the end,
I am, is my own Best friend.

It is not really I,
But the You in me, Most High.

(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen 



Your words oh Word
I clutch to my heart
Oh God, your promises
are like a map before me
as I seek your face everyday

there is a pain in my heart
a cut so deep that I bleed in shame
fear replaces faith
as the voices behind me
laugh in my face

Your Word Oh Word
is not a burden
but why is it so heavy
in my heart today?

(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen


show me a way
a channel, a route
through which I could reach out
to this hurting world
and wipe out that tears rolling down her cheeks

I know, I know
I must tread only on that path I know well
else I cramp my style with stinking gibberish
My wallet is flat tonight
please don't count on that

Still this urge to belong
an undiluted desire to serve
yearns so loudly I can hold back no more

I surrender
in total submission my heart cry
here I am, use me lover of my soul

to be a helping hand in my society
to learn to give without asking for a refund
to able to influence others into aiming for the best
never to try playing god over my peers
to you my king I obediently surrender

(c)Jennifer Ehidiamen


hear the sound of the tomtom
being played by the African child
it is a rythm of love, peace, and joy.

stay connected to the right source
it is all free of charge
get all your problems solved
and be sure to be on the safe side

I am connected to the right source
that is why my life is so sunny
do i sound a little bit funny?
oh no! i am not trying to be cunning
stay connected to Jesus Christ
He is the true and only right source i know

Jesus christ
...the solution for a fulfilled and joyous life!

(C) Jennifer Ehidiamen



They pointed us guilty 
over bitter conflict they instigate 
staining our innocence with their cruelty

For three years and over 
we forgot how to laugh 
as our dawn to dusk witnessed war

But now... 
the hand of the clock is turn 
we are empowered to do it right

Does it matter if our enemies die? 
Will it cheer up our past? 
Should we give room to vengeful refutation?

We are in the future now 
a time of resilience that understands only love language 
that settles all differences

We are learning again to smile 
as love conquers all taste of bitterness 
lurking in every corner of our town

Let us move on guided by Love 
call off the war and give peace a chance 
Vendetta- Never again!

(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen

The Wait for El-rufai

Fathers, mothers, old and young

In front of their brave abode they stand

Hands akimbo, love yawning

In the long wait for El-rufai


Atmosphere tense

Hearts discerning where else to go

Still they wait, lack of resources

Hoping for a change of heart


The next blarring horn

May be the bull dozer

Determined to pull down their slum mansion

In the order which El-rufai commanded


Unleash dogs still wander the streets

Children still sing their rhymes

Their innocence echo oblivion

Of the panic stricken reality


Yesterday a home owner, today a house hustler

The taunting dream come to pass

El-rufai’s brave design for living

Has pulled down your shelter.


(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen, 24/10/06

Dream on...

For every dream that cannot be

Help me to leave for another to dream

Do not let me quench my thirst

By living a dream set for another

Show me how and where to place my steps 

On every level I climb on to

That I stay in line with your plans

And not run ahead 

In days to come

When old and grey, and I lay down to rest

It will be with a peaceful satisfaction

Of knowing that my part I have played well

In dreaming a dream from which others can dream

Free of selfishness and greed.

(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen

Unseen Forces

The race would have been easier 
have I a clue of what I was running from 
hands I do not know its owner 
grasp for my shoulder 
scratching it till my blood flowed.

There is no hiding place tonight 
I lay there staring into the bare sky 
as unfamiliar voices  
filled my shattering dream 
flood of hot tears 
washed down my blood stained cheeks

The unseen forces 
the hindrances and limitations 
the sorrow and heart aches

I prayed to be free from them all 
thunder rumbled and lightning struck 
setting the demons of the night ablaze

I am free again 
this time by the power of His Blood 
by the power of the Highest Authority

Tonight I lay on my bed 
a part of me fearing 
for the horror that lie in the dark

Slowly my heart let go of all worries and fear  
and on my bed I lie in His presence 
dreaming sweet dreams about tomorrow!

 (c) Jennifer Ehidiamen

My Brothers Wrestle

My brothers wrestle for fun 
when hands lie idle 
and everyone's chin goes flat from boredom 
they begin their wrestling 
that calls for no winner or loser.

Here we sit applauding 
attracting the passer-by 
who stands mouth agape 
as he watches on amused

We throw our head back in laughter 
as each pair of zombie pretend to be that world champion 
what is his name?

The way they throw their blows and kicks 
do not even match 
but still we watch on 
enjoying such display of innocence

Today our brothers wrestle 
but not the same as last night's 
when the shinning stars in the sky 
and the motherly moon 
lit up their black and strong naked back

Today our brothers’ wrestle 
they wrestle because they are hungry 
and the frustration they vent on each other 
they are going to tear each other apart 
and blood will stain our play ground

the blows and kicks have changed direction 
no longer is it aimed to tickle the other 
in anger they vow to hurt each other 
no one dare step in to separate them

No more innocence in this match 
someone has bewitched our fun tonight 
peace and love have strolled out of town 
will it be long before they return?

(C) Jennifer Ehidiamen


Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.The mind of a poet...