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Learning to Unlearn to Learn!

"We need to unlearn the idea that our unique mission must consist of some achievement which all the world will see, and learn instead that as the stone does not always know what ripples it has caused in the pond whose surface it impacts, so neither we nor those who watch our life will always know what we have achieved by our life and by our mission. It may be that by the grace of God we helped bring about a profound change for the better in the lives of other souls around us, but it also may be that this takes place beyond our sight, or after we have gone on. And we may never know what we have accomplished, until we see Him face-to-face after this life is past". Bolle in What color is your Parachute?

Here's a lil' about Lady Jennies

A poet, a writer and a vivacious volunteer! i.e A passionate Poet, a Journalist with a difference and a committed Social Entrepreneur :)

Purpose. Poetry. Passion.  (High Visibility and Maximum Impact).


Name: Jennifer Ehidiamen

Date of Birth: July 1, Nineteen Eighty four

Language spoken: English, Edo, Yoruba

Country: Nigeria

Places Visited (outside home country): USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland/Geneva/Ethiopia

Hobbies/Interest: I love reading, writing, Poetry, Volunteering, broadcasting, journalism, traveling, photography, the computer, internet, people- meeting and making friends. Attending Concert, Praise party, I am glad when they say to me, let us go into the house of the Lord- Church! I enjoy making a positive impact and just giving a helping hand to the Glory of God .

Issues: Media, Youthdevelopment, Education

College: The Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Lagos.

Experience: I love Working with young people and have done a lot of community development work with different groups at different levels. I served as a Youth Intern at Journalist Against AIDS (JAAIDS) Nigeria , Active Volunteer on Global Xchange- worked in THT (U.K) and PRTV (a media org in Jos). I also worked in Voluntary Service Overseas, VSO Nigeria as a Program Assistant on the Global Xchange program for about three months and then as a research consultant. Volunteered as the Communications director at One World Youth Project during my Atlas Corps fellowship program in Washington D.C.. I run an online radio show on I also write a weekly youth column called Dis Generation, in The Nation newspaper on sundays. I manage eight other blogs on blogspot-,,, communicatingnigeria.blogspot.com and

My passion for youth development inspired me to start up- Before Graduation, a program aimed towards connecting youth education with internship opportunities in Nigeria. I am dissatified with the current standard of education in Nigeria, and I hope young people will learn to explore internship opportunities that will give them hands-on experience to complement their classroom learning.

 I hope to gain more experience to become more effective and efficient in serving.

If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed but skill will bring success. Ecc 10:10

At The Moment: Launching anew!

Ideal World: "I would like to see a world with a mighty flood of justice and a river of righteous living that will never run dry!" (The Bible)

Favourite Colour: White, Blue and Pink... Green white Green is the Nigeria flag!!!

Family: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

We all have an individual calling...a purpose why we are here on Earth. Life to me is not about being rich and famous but also about reaching out to others...positively! so i try to help in every way i God's enabling grace!

PUBLISHED WORKS; i ve written a couple of works but my book just got published (thank God!)so you can read my writes too~oh My best is yet to come~though!lol... the book is Titled: IN DAYS TO COME, a collection of my poems, published by THE YOUNG POET SOCIETY, UK. Grab a


Second book: PRESERVE MY SALTINESS IS OUT! Check it out: 

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In 2005 or so, I wrote:
I...write poetry without strict form or rhymes... Wanna be... an international Journalist making a God's grace!!! I...believe in Team work... and i don't look down on small opportunities to do great things, so don't ever look down on small beginings! There is no flying until we finish...God is still in control so hold on strong to Him 24/7. with God all things are possible!!! Don't Stop Dreaming Big! Don't stop Loving God!! Don't stop giving a helping hand!!!


God is doing something beautifully new and awesome in my life. Praise God!! 


oh! My Best is yet to come by God's enabling grace!!!

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